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Mostly Healthy No Prep Meal Plan Week 3

Mostly healthy no prep meal plan week 3
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I've been going low calorie lately and have felt my energy just go caput so I'm increasing my calories a bit again this week to the 1,500 - 1,800 calorie range. I've also had a difficult time keeping up with all of this meal prep lately so this week is virtually no prep.

I've utilized overnight mason jar oats for breakfast, super quick and easy lunches, and slow cooker dump meals for dinners and desserts (yes, I'm having real dessert this week - I deserve it!). It is the ultimate, mostly healthy busy mom's meal plan. If you want to make the plan healthier just skip the dessert (which, I probably will most nights) but I was cravin' me some sweets this week and I'm ok with a little indulgence. Everything in moderation right folks?

I've been too busy and too tired to keep up with my regular yoga and walking routine this week, but my hope is that by increasing my calories a bit more will give me more energy to do so. I know, excuses excuses. Don't forget to check out my 10-minute yoga flows this week to sneak in some quick workouts including my 10-minute plank yoga flow and this 10-minute restorative yoga flow for runners. I'll be revisiting these myself this week.

So, without any further delay, here's this week's mostly healthy, no prep meal plan.

Real Food Diet Menu Week Slow Cooker / low prep week 3

Approx 1,500 - 1,800 calories / day

(You can skip dessert to be in the 1,500 range)


Peanut butter banana overnight oats with coffee

420 Calories


Veggie burgers with sliced tomato and avocado with fresh fruit or veggies with hummus

Tuna salad with sliced tomato and avocado with fresh fruit or veggies with hummus

Approx 450 calories


Slow cooker chicken cacciatore with wide noodles

450 Calories

Italian sausage soup with white beans and spinach

288 Calories

Honey garlic chicken and vegetables

488 Calories


Crockpot peach cobbler with whipped cream and 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

375 Calories


Fresh fruit with peanut butter or string cheese

Cottage cheese with strawberries

Approx 150 - 200 calories

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In order to gain or loose weight calories plays a very important role. Maintaining calories in our regular meal plan is an art. This article helps to make quick and healthy meal plans.

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