30 - Day Yoga Challenge

I'm working hard on a new guide - my 30-Day Yoga Challenge. Not everyone has 90 minutes a day to dedicate to their yoga practice, but research shows that you can reap benefits like reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, improved sleep, increased overall body strength and flexibility with just 10 minutes of yoga and meditation every day. The key is to practice every day, even if your sessions are short. You can take 10 minutes a day to yourself and improve your wellbeing! 

This guide will include 30 days of 10-minute yoga flows, plus daily mantras, meditations and a master yoga calendar to keep you on track and accountable. 

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This section is dedicated to the best products I have personally tried and use for yoga and self-care. This section contains affiliate links.

Yoga bag


by Fremous

Fremous Yoga Mat Bag, Full-zip exercise yoga mat carry bag for women and men - includes a double storage pocket, easy access zipper, adjustable shoulder strap and handle, fits most mats.

I bought this awesome yoga mat on Amazon last year and I absolutely love it. It fits my mat really well with plenty of room. If I wanted to double mat it would probably hold two. I love the design, the sturdy material and the extra pockets which are large enough to hold my wallet, phone, and keys. It keeps my mat dry and clean in the rain and snow on my way to and from my yoga classes.

 At $14.99, it's a great value for the price.


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