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Honest Book Review - Cook Once, Eat All Week by Cassie Joy Garcia

I'd like to start by sharing that I have not received anything in exchange for this review and I paid for this cookbook.

I'm a bit of a cookbook connaisseur, but I don't love them. I have dozens of them just sitting in my bookshelf, many of which I eagerly dove into when I first received them, only to be disappointed by the lack of good, practical recipes to make for my family on a daily basis.

I bought this cookbook on a whim and a promise to my husband, if this cookbook doesn't blow me away, it will be the last cookbook I ever buy! He was immediately in.

Let me tell you, it has really delivered and I'm fairly convinced it will be the last cookbook I ever buy because I no longer have any need for another one. What's different about this cookbook is that it provides a meal prep plan that literally allows you to cook once and then eat delicious healthy foods all week. Normally, that's the type of claim I would receive with a healthy dose of skepticism but I am on week 5 now of this plan and each week this promise has been true and we have enjoyed delicious homemade dinners that are ready in minutes!

Did I mention I'm a picky eater? My husband is a self-described meat and potatoes guy and despite our selective taste buds, we have really been able to branch out our healthy eating with the creative recipes in this book. We've had picadillo tacos, bbq chicken casserole, and even this new low carb meatza (pizza made low carb with a ground beef crust) that looked and sounded really advanced - but it was fantastic!

Since I prefer to eat healthy and have little time to invest in cooking, I've tried other meal prep plans before. I've even gone paleo and keto before but just couldn't keep up with the restrictions, the low energy I had on the plans, and mostly the prep work. Prep day would literally be an entire day of cooking. But prep day on this plan only takes me about 2 hours total max, and that's including numerous (possibly hundreds of) interruptions I get from my three lovely children!

I also love how versatile the recipes are. The author provides options to make the meals low carb or paleo-friendly if you're going that route, and all of the recipes are gluten-free to start with - but you can choose to add the gluten back in if you prefer to as I sometimes do.

I should also mention it includes a number of "bonus dinners" that can be made in a flash if you haven't done your prep day yet, or if you need more recipes in your week. I just made tex mex steaks with baked sweet potatoes and strawberry spinach salad in about 20 minutes as a bonus dinner this week. I like including bonus dinners in my week now because I find that I can use one of my prepped meals for lunches.

All in all, it's really a great cookbook and well worth the $21.95 it costs.

Do you have any cookbooks or meal plans you've been living by lately? Comment down below with your favorites!

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