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Self-Care 101 for Business Owners

Entrepreneurs are notoriously busy. While the lifestyle of a business owner may not be conducive to much time for self-care, it is essential to take some hours for yourself in order to be an effective business leader. How's it Flowin'? shares tips below to help you consistently carve out a small amount of time each day to care for your mind and body.

Make Healthy Living a Priority

People living a fast-paced lifestyle may find themselves ordering takeout or sitting in fast food drive-throughs more often than they would like. A 2018 study says Americans eat out 5.9 times per week on average. Although convenient, eating out on a regular basis is unhealthy and can leave you feeling sluggish.

A well-balanced diet includes whole grains, dairy, protein, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Try keeping healthy foods available that you can grab for a quick snack or meal at home and work. Having pre-chopped lettuce or spring mix in the fridge guarantees you can easily add a few fruits or vegetables and put together a salad almost instantly. Making several hard-boiled eggs at a time ensures you always have protein at your fingertips for a snack or salad topping.

In addition to eating healthier, working out regularly is an essential part of wholesome living. Experts emphasize that regular exercise increases endorphin levels in the body and makes people less likely to be depressed. Even if you don't have thirty consecutive minutes to get your body moving, you can break up your exercise routine. Ten minutes of morning yoga can be added to a half-hour walk or run to give you a decent amount of physical activity for the day. If going to the gym works best for you, make it a priority to hit the gym at least three times a week.

Try Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques such as meditation can help alleviate stress and anxiety. If you are an entrepreneur, chances are you feel stressed at least some of the time. Meditation can help reduce your stress level and improve your overall emotional well-being. As an added bonus, you can meditate anywhere for free. See the How's it Flowin'? guide to meditation here.

Another relaxation technique commonly used is breath focus, which entails breathing slowly and deeply while guiding your mind away from the thoughts or sensations that are troubling you. Yoga can be practiced as a relaxation technique in addition to a workout. With yoga, you could clear your mind and work your body with one routine.

Streamline Business Operations

If your company has been growing to the point that you are having a tough time overseeing all processes, it may be time to bring more staff on board. Consider hiring an assistant or general manager to keep operations going, freeing you to pursue your goals for the business.

For example, you can consider ways to branch out into new services, such as registering a doing business as the name for your company. DBAs allow enterprises to sell products under a different name. This is beneficial if you are recognized for selling a certain type of product but would like to venture into new markets. Zenbusiness details DBA requirements and more.

Running a business is not an easy undertaking. Although it can be extremely rewarding to see your dreams realized, it can also be very stressful and overwhelming. Remember to care for yourself so you are healthy and energetic enough to tackle any obstacle thrown your way.

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