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Real food meal plan week 2

Real mostly healthy family food meal planning week 2
Real food meal plan

As promised I'm sharing my second week of real food meal planning for you guys. I would consider this menu *mostly* healthy and not super strict. Our state just extended distance learning to the end of the school year so I'm also focusing on finding family recipes with very little effort and prep time!

Again, I'm not including my shopping list because it includes a bunch of stuff personalized to the needs of my family which makes it less relevant and useable for you! But hopefully, the meal plan alone is helpful.

I've done a couple of really challenging yoga flows this week with lots of forearm stands and split attempts since I have been feeling better. I also finally nailed crow - more on that later. I probably over-did it though and now I find myself starving all the time during rest days. It's a nice reminder that for me, less is more and this works better for my goals - doing shorter, less challenging flows but doing them daily. I've done a couple of hour-long highly challenging flows this week and they left me exhausted, soar, and starving in the following days. When will I learn?

It was just so tempting because I've been feeling so well lately and finally after quite a while I feel really healthy and full of energy again. I recently had a challenging female health issue that was really holding me back but now that it has resolved I couldn't be more grateful! I feel younger and healthier than I have in quite a while - honestly maybe years.

I haven't done a precise calorie calculation on this plan yet, but my estimate is that it can be about 1,500-1,850 calories a day depending on what you do for snacks and dessert. I've been starving after these challenging flows I've been doing so I'll be on the higher end. Hopefully, I can tone it down a bit and get back to my normal next week.

I hope you enjoy, it looks like a delicious week!

Real Food Diet Menu Week 2


Blueberry smoothie

Homemade bagels


Crockpot tomato soup

Chicken tender salad (I just make a green salad and include baked chicken tenders from the frozen section on top. I usually use ranch dressing - so good!)



Sheet pan fajita bowls with chicken sausage

Crockpot meatballs with spaghetti

Mini meatloaf sheet pan dinner


Hard-boiled egg

Fresh fruit

String cheese



Ice cream

Dove dark chocolate

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